Services and Procedures

Pacemaker Implantation and Management
Implantation of a small, battery-operated device that helps the heart beat in a regular rhythm.
Implantable Defibrillator Placement and Management
An ICD is a small electronic device, about the size of a deck of cards , that is placed inside the body. It constantly monitors your heart rhythm. If it senses a dangerous rapid heart rhythm, it delivers one or more pulses or shocks to the heart and restores a more normal rhythm.
Cardiac Catheterization
A procedure that examines the heart and is used to help physicians diagnose a heart problem and choose the most effective treatment. During this procedure, a physician can measure pressures inside the heart, evaluate the arteries delivering blood to the heart, and determine how well the heart is pumping.
Coronary angiography is a procedure in which a contrast material that can be seen using x-ray equipment is injected into one of the arteries of the heart. This allows your health care provider to view the flow of blood through your heart. Coronary angiography is usually performed in conjunction with cardiac catheterization.